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What is Remarketing?

You may also have heard it called retargeting. So what is it, or are these just some marketing catchphrases that people in the marketing industry like to throw around? Better yet does it work? Let’s take a closer look and we’ll let you decide. You have a potential customer is looking through the products or services that you have to offer on your website. This customer, like many others who shop online, chooses not to make a purchase and they leave your website without completing the purchase. There are many reasons for this.  

So, what are some reasons customers leave without completing their transaction?

  • They have just discovered your business and it’s their first time visiting your website and unfortunately, you haven’t built enough trust or credibility with this customer.
  • We all have a busy schedule with work, kids, and families. They may get distracted and simply can’t finish the purchase.
  • Maybe they just didn’t find exactly what they are looking for, you don’t have it in the right size or color.
  • Or, they decide to think the purchase over and come back to complete the order later, and they forget about the purchase and your website completely.

This is where remarketing or retargeting would come in!"

So what's the difference between outbound and inbound marketing?

In this older, more traditional form of marketing, otherwise, known as outbound marketing. You have a message, product, or services you would like to promote. In order to spread that message to potential customers, you would us cold calling, TV or radio advertising, direct mail, or even newspaper ads. Now you're saying to yourself. Well, don’t those methods work, arent they effective? The quick answer is that they do and we even use them for

some clients in combination with other online methods. However, there are some very big disadvantages. The first being that you often have to spend ludicrous amounts of money to get your message out. Next, and second, not all these people will fit into your target audience and may not be the right customer. Last but not least, some of these people may get angry and sometimes outbound marketing can be perceived as aggressive and unwanted.

Our Marketing Videos

Our marketing explainer videos will help walk you through the services we offer. Helping you have a better understanding of the importance of online marketing and the purpose for the services we offer.

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