AJ’s Full House is your digital marketing consultant. We do a deep marketing analysis and help you create and develop an effective online marketing plan.

Consulting is a very important aspect of our business. Whether it is strictly in the consultant role or beginning the discovery process for our internal processes to begin a project. We take this portion of our services very serious. Our focus and the purpose of our consulting and discovery processes is to listen, investigate, develop and deliver a workable strategy and plan in order to solve specific issues and problems you may be facing in both your business and marketing efforts. These may be within your processes, designs, knowledge, marketing, or even tools you are using to help your business and marketing efforts function. This deep dive allows us to better understand you, your customers, and the industry and competition that effect your efforts to succeed.

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We are a Atlanta based digital marketing and solution provider. Our focus is based on delivering high quality solutions and services to build our clients businesses and brands by making them more visible to their target audience.

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