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As a digital marketing agency we specialize in all facets of online marketing. From website design, search engines, social media, and email marketing. We also provide managed hosting and customer management system which fits about 95% of our clients needs and can include printed business and marketing materials in most of our marketing packages. Keep reading below to see just what we can do for your business and your customers. If you do not see the solution or service that you were looking for, contact us we may still be able to help.


It's about listening to what our clients need, understanding who their customer is, and knowing how to bring the two together ...


Building upon our discovery process we create a plan and build all of the designs and assets to work with our clients needs ...


We bring together our clients and their target audience, helping them develop a better relationship with their customer ...


Long term relationships with our clients, builds better relationships with them, so they develop better relationships with their customers

Web Design Services

Web design is a key element to the solutions and services that we offer. AJ's Full House goes through a detailed process in order to understand both our clients and their customers need for their website design. This allows us to build creative and functional designs that take into account our clients brand, colors, needed layout, calls-to-action, and their target audience. All of our websites are built to be responsive in order to preform effectively across multiple devices and platforms, including a wide range of desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile devices. Design and layout aren't the only areas we focus on. Functionality is also important and we can develop custom search and web applications, eCommerce, blogs, forms, and can integrate with large number of third party platforms including text and chat integration, reservation systems, inventory, and IDX/MLS in order to ensure the success of your project.

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Content Creation

Content is an essential component within any marketing camapaign. The design layout and structure of the website is important, but the content is the glue that binds it all together. From the copywriting services that build upon the important topic using high valued keywords, to images, video and illustrations that deliver the needed messages AJ's Full House can facilitate and manage these crucial website design elements of your project whether it is to be used your website, blog, or social media. Content creation and the management of those services should not be overlooked.

  • Jr. & Sr. Copywriters
  • Photography, Compositing, Editing
  • Audio & Video Services
  • Content Creation & Content Management
What Can The Right Content Do For Your Business

Social Media Marketing Services

Social media is becoming one of the most important facets of both business and our personal lives, with some estimates saying that of all time consumed on the internet, social media takes up over 50% of that time. In today’s business world being active on social media, is not something you should do eventually, but today, you have to utilize social media platforms to succeed. This is where AJ’s Full House can help. We work with our clients, and business owners navigate and utilize social media.

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Search Engine Optimization & Marketing Solutions

Search engines are one of the most important ways a business can use if they want to be found online. If you’re struggling to connect with your customers it is important to review the reasons why this may be happening. Spending thousands of dollars to have a website designed is simply not enough today. A carefully crafted plan to improve rankings and visibility is a key element to success. AJ’s Full House performs an analysis which includes research on your market, your online presence, target audience, competitive analysis and market position. We perform in-depth audits of your site and your competition and discover the sources of traffic to your competitors websites. Our team identifies high value keyword phrases as well as geo-targeted keywords to drive rankings in local search results. We discover what keywords your target audience is searching for, how many searches occur each month, and how much competition exists for each keyword phrase. We focus on the keywords that will yield the best results in the shortest amount time. We also review your business listings to verify that information is accurate. Google, Bing and Yahoo each scan all the reputable directories and compare the results. If Google finds more than a single address, phone number, website URL, business name or email for the same company, that listing will “flagged” and it could hurt your rankings in the search engines. Once we have this information up-to-date we monitor and make any updates needed to maintain accuracy and search engine visibility and rank. AJ’s Full House understands the importance of link building with Inbound links, also known as “backlinks”, to your website are critical to capturing top rankings for competitive keywords. We use all these and other techniques to deliver the results our clients are looking for.

SEO & SEM Services
  • Search enging ad placement
  • Market, Business, Competitive, and Keyword Research
  • Local Maps
  • Local Search
  • Directory Listings Creation, Review, Maintenance
  • Link Building
  • Content Creation
  • Social Media Services
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Brand & Reputation
Management Services

Online review sites like Google, Yelp, Amazon, TripAdvisor, Angie's List, etc. have become beacons for consumers seeking to discover and evaluate companies, products and services. Online reviews therefore have insane influence over consumers’ beliefs and behavior. Reviews determine not just whether a brand or business is visible in search engines and social media, but how people perceive it and whether or not they would buy from it. These services are also scanned by search engines for accurate information that can impact more than just your customers opinion of you. Inaccurate information can do harm to your search engine placement and even get your business “flagged” by the likes of Google. We monitor all major and industry-specific review sites, stream latest and greatest reviews to your website and social media, preempt negative reviews and much more.

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Print Products & Services

At AJ’s Full House we often use the power of print to compliment our digital marketing efforts. Combining these two powerful tools allows us to create a complete marketing plan for our clients that can deliver some amazing results. By creating a plan that can factor in both the digital and print marketing efforts we guarantee that business materials, marketing materials, promotional items, signs, banners, and vehicle wraps all work together to deliver a unified look and message that help build brand recognition and loyalty.

Besides the full line of print products listed below we handle many other print and promotional materials that may not be listed here. Please contact us to see if we can meet your project needs.

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Audio & Video Services

With audio and video becoming a larger and larger part of the online experience it is no wonder our clients are seeking more of it to make up the content of the marketing packages. Youtube itself is the second largest search engine next to Google itself. Out ranking, Yahoo, Bing, and others for this top spot. We understand the need for these digital solutions and work with some incredible and talented partners to make sure that your audio and video is of the highest quality needed to improve the overall user experience, help your brand stand out, and attract just the right target audience.

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Managed Hosting &
Customer Management System

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Everything you need to build an online business and deliver powerful business websites. This is why we choose this powerful and effective all-in-one managed hosted solution for our best clients.

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We are a Atlanta based digital marketing and solution provider. Our focus is based on delivering high quality solutions and services to build our clients businesses and brands by making them more visible to their target audience.

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