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Combines the power of Social Local Mobile to make your local small business infinetly more effective.

Own A Small Business?

So, you own a small business? You’ve thought about doing some marketing to increase visibility and sales, and that’s great. However, there is no time left at the end of the day to learn and perform all this yourself. Good news! That’s where we can help! With SoLoMo, our comprehensive marketing strategy and solution for local small businesses. So what is SoLoMo and how can it help you? The meaning is simple, but it can have an infinitely powerful impact on your local small business. SoLoMo stands for social, local, mobile. Let’s take a look at why a program that focuses on social, local, and mobile would not only be a good fit for your business but also why it can be a powerful tool to increase visibility and drive sales. Let’s say you own a restaurant, plumbing business, a doctor’s office, or any number of other small businesses. One of the first steps in the process is making sure your business has a website that is optimized for mobile devices. But don’t worry, even if you don’t already have a website optimized for mobile devices, we can help you build one. Why do you need a website designed to be viewed on a mobile device? Well, when people today primarily search for local businesses and local services on mobile devices. Don't take that the wrong way. A desktop version of your website is still very important, but making sure it’s mobile-ready is crucial if you want to attract as many local consumers as possible. We also take the time to make sure your website is optimized for local searches. This local SEO strategy combined with GPS and other positioning technologies ensures that when someone does a search for a term like “restaurant” somewhere near your business, your business will appear top in the search results. Not only will your business appear in this list, but it will appear with a map, directions, distance, website, phone number and your business’s exact address. Finally, we get to the social aspect of SoLoMo. We help make sure your social media accounts are set up on multiple social media platforms. This way your customers can share their location, send reviews, and help others in the local area become more aware of your business. All these factors and the increase in social media traffic all lend to increasing your search engine rankings. Using social, local, and mobile as a marketing strategy is one of the best-interconnected ways to create an affordable and effective marketing strategy for your local small business.  

So, who can benefit from our SoLoMo small business marketing packages?

  • Does your small business provide a service in the local community? You may be a restaurant, coffee shop, plumber, electrician, doctor, chiropractor, or a landscaping professional. If so, this is the service for you.
  • You want your business to be more active on social media and also appear higher in map searches for your local community.
  • You need your website to be mobile optimized in order to attract more customers who are searching through a mobile device.

If any of these sound like your business, then click on the button below and let us see what Infinite Loop Marketing can do to improve your local small businesses marketing

Our Marketing Videos

Our marketing explainer videos will help walk you through the services we offer. Helping you have a better understanding of the importance of online marketing and the purpose for the services we offer.

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Our social local mobile services allow your business to become more visible within your local community. Contact us and find out how we can give your business the exposure that it deserves.


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