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What is Online Marketing?

We get this question a lot. What is online marketing, otherwise known as digital marketing? The truth is that’s a pretty broad question and digital marketing typically focuses on the online digital medium, but can also include other digital and online platforms and mobile devices. So, what’s the best way to use online marketing or digital marketing? You’ll get quite a bit of advice these days. Many will tell you, you just need a website and that website needs to be responsive. This optimization will allow you to connect with more people on more devices. Then you will hear from others that all you need is search engine optimization, otherwise known as SEO to make your website and content more visible. As SEO experts we believe that using these techniques is definitely an important aspect to have in your online marketing strategy, but is it enough? In order to quickly become more visible, others will tell you all you need is PPC. What is PPC you ask? PPC otherwise known as pay-per-click campaigns allow your ads to be placed with a priority for search visitors to find you first. These can be highly effective when written with just the right PPC ad content but is it enough. The final opinion is that all you need is an online presence, and great content placed correctly on social media platforms.  

So who's actually right?

Truth is, all those statements have some truth to them. What your business really needs is a comprehensive marketing plan and strategy. This plan should interconnect all these different marketing channels and help incorporate them to work together to create the perfect synergy to drive traffic, engage followers, increase conversions, and in turn drive sales.

Infinite Loop Marketing does a detailed analysis in which we look at all of your current content, your competitor's content, your goals, and objectives to create a marketing plan that will use the perfect balance of marketing strategies that we feel will perform the best for you and your business.

Our Marketing Videos

Our marketing explainer videos will help walk you through the services we offer. Helping you have a better understanding of the importance of online marketing and the purpose for the services we offer.

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